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A more cleaner energy for the future

We use our technical information, technology and innovation capacity to meet increasing energy need of the world and to find out energy using more efficiently way and to provide so much, cleaner energy.


Koyuncu Group Supported 500 Students with the “Our Children are Our Future” Project

Koyuncu Group has added a new one to its social responsibility projects. At the beginning of 2019-2020 academic calendar, the aid materials were prepared with the contributions of Koyuncu Group’s employees and business partners were delivered to 7 village schools in Konya. Stationery supplies, books, educational materials, clothes, gift certificates, cleaning products, etc., which were b..

Traditional Day of Ashura in Koyuncu Group

We have an active participation of our traditional event of Ashura Day from our customers and employees in our head office Konya. The special dessert called “ashura” has been serving to Konya citizens on a day at the beginning of the month of Muharram for many years. Koyuncu Group emphasizes that sharing is very important for human beings.