You can find all Shell products of which is world leader at Mineral Oil Technology, produced for different needs at Koyuncu Petrol Stations. Our firm sustains its leadership through its retail and wholesale sales services in this field in its region.

It doesn’t matter whatever sector you are included in, whichever equipment you use; because Shell products are services are developed to add value to your studies. Right product using will increase maximum efficiency of equipment, will extend vehicle life and will decrease stop period then explore how important saving it will provide.

Shell Helix Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Full Synthetic Shell Helix Engine Oil is 100% synthetic basis oil and is added high quality adding has higher performance levels than both other synthetic and mineral oil. Active Cleaning Technology of which patent belongs to Shell is added to this high quality synthetic basis oil so engine oil assists high cleaning and protection to today engines.

The things which challenge limits of oil are not only north Pole conditions or boiling desert hot but also daily lived highway driving or traffic jam forcing vehicles continuously stop-start in the city may mean heavy conditions for engine oil. Thanks to full synthetic formula of Shell Helix Ultra allows maximum protection of Shell at too hot and too cold climates and also heavy driving conditions.

Shell Helix Ultra- produced by PurePlus Technology

Today vehicles need engine oil which extends engine life and performance at every condition. Therefore, Shell developed different synthetic engine oil production technology. Shell Helix Ultra which is produced from natural gas was designed to provide continuously high performance.

Shell Helix Passenger Cars Engine Oil

We know your driving passion. Therefore, Shell Helix Full Synthetic Engine Oil is produced from natural gas and developed to help providing high engine performance. So, it helps your driving passion alive. Continue to travel with Shell Helix Ultra.

Shell Rimula Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rimula provides advance protection against to abrasion due to applicable technology, low viscosity feature for developed fuel saving. That oil is produced specially for heavy duty vehicles.

Shell Advance Motorbike Oil

We know that you live enjoyable driving when you feel that your motorbike is in the best situation. You will find the most convenient oil for each motorbike among Shell Advance product range.