Koyuncu Fuel Station is retail fuel leader in Konya is also specially authorized dealer of Shell which provides the most common Vehicle Identification Service of Turkey.

Thanks to Vehicle Identification System which you may manage your fleets easily, you have time and accounting control advantages. Also, you experience and relax yourselves with financing benefits thanks to customized payment terms of Koyuncu Fuel Station.

It is all under your control! Which company your vehicle was bought from and how much fuel was used and where it was bought thanks to Shell Vehicle Identification System

Vehicle Identification System allows fleet owners to keep full control possibility of their fuel using. Thanks to assembled vehicle identification units to the vehicles, identity, kilometer and fuel consuming details are kept under the control. Shell Vehicle Identification Systems provides your vehicles of which number plates were defined previously or which are assembled concern equipments easily, fast and safely fuel at Shell stations.

For more detailed information about Shell Vehicle Identification Systems;


Tel: 0 332 245 82 30

Mobile: 0 535 108 31 07


To be a customer of Vehicle Identification System, please fill the Vehicle Identification System Application Form!


You can manage your fleet comfortably at your Office thanks to our Vehicle Identification System internet site and you can also get lots of benefits out from its advantages.

Practical and Fast Fuel Supply

You may supply fuel at the station without loosing anytime.

Easy Payment

You may pay all of your payments to a single point collectively.

Easy Accountancy

You may decrease workload of your accounting and administrative processes thanks to our collective invoice once in a month.

Wide Service Network in Turkey

Nearly 1000 Shell stations in Turkey are equipped with Vehicle Identification Systems.

Easy Management via internet through Shell TTS Web Site

It is the most efficient and easiest way for your fuel consuming management.

It provides advanced Online Fuel Management Platform allowing to 7/24 access to all of your activities about your vehicles.

You may easily plan and manage your fuel expenditures through our Vehicle Identification System Online.

You may perform following processes through Shell TTS Web site (Shell Vehicle Identification System web site).


  • Net and easily readable.
  • You may access your invoice on PDF format via internet.


  • You may apply limitations based to vehicle, department or fleet.
  • You can decide how much fuel your vehicle consumes in a day, week or month and you may determine fuel filling dates for your vehicle.
  • You can control your fuel yourself and switch it on or off online from your internet for fuel filling of your vehicles.

    You can perform consuming control based to either vehicle or department.

  • You can get detailed information for each purchasing.
  • You can get detailed limit and consumer information based to Fleet and vehicle.
  • You may get liter/km information for vehicle efficiency.
  • Youcan save all details easily to your computer.
  • If you would like to be a Vehicle Identification system Customer, please fill application form!