Changed Roles in Traffic Week

Celebrating its 55th anniversary, Koyuncu Group made a remarkable promotional film for Traffic Week. In the film, which emphasizes the importance of safety in traffic, a child who takes the role of a parent shows us what he experiences in traffic during the day. On the other hand, we closely feel the anxiety experienced by the parents who expect the child to return at home.

Filming completed with approximately 150 people

Abdullah Bozkurt who has worked with many national and global brands was the director of the film which was produced by ATO MEDIA Company. The team of 150 people took part in the shooting and production of the film. Except for the child actor Çınar Özer, all the actors were Koyuncu Group employees.

Erol Barış: "Contribution to traffic safety is one of our main goals"

Stating that they prioritize traffic safety due to their activities in automotive, gas stations and vehicle inspection sectors, Koyuncu Group Corporate Communications Manager Erol Barış stated that they always support social responsibility projects on this issue.

Expressing that they want to draw attention to awareness with this commercial, Erol Barış continued as follows: “Traffic Week, which is celebrated with various activities in the first week of May, is very valuable for us. Every year, we organize events in cooperation with our partners and institutions. We could not organize any event this year due to the pandemic. We wanted to emphasize how big a responsibility it is to be in traffic with a remarkable film. We want everyone driving a vehicle to always remember this child and behave responsibly in traffic. Human life is very valuable. Let's strive to raise awareness at every opportunity, let's save lives. "




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